Panoptes : JMX Management Console for JFace/SWT

Panoptes is a graphical JMX Management Console for JFace/SWT. Panoptes is designed to work with any JMX Server such as JBoss or Tomcat or any J2EE server.

Panoptes uses Jelly to provide customized rich user interfaces for MBeans using the powerful widget set of JFace/SWT.

Getting Started

First off you need to add the SWT binary to your PATH. Typically this binary comes with an Eclipse download. Find the library in the eclipse/plugins directory and add it to your PATH (such as in the JDK's bin directory). If you don't want to download it, you can get a recent dll here .

Next install Maven so that the MAVEN_HOME environment variable is defined and $MAVEN_HOME/bin is on your PATH.

Once you have SWT and Maven installed, you can just type the following command which should start the console.

	maven console


To test Log4J logging from JBoss, copy jboss-log4j-sample.xml into the server/instancename/conf directory of your JBoss instance, start Panoptes and then JBoss.

To test JMX inspection, you need JBoss 3.2RCx. The rmi-connectors have changed from 3.0.x, so connections won't work otherwise.

Also, check out panoptes-config.xml , it contains configuration of all aspects of Panoptes (well, it's going to anyway :)

Have fun, and drop us a line at The mailinglist if you like it, dislike it or want to help us with some development!